How do you effectively pack a storage unit? Well, it’s a questions we hear a lot… And after all my moving around, I have definitely learned some lessons along the way.  One thing I found, was that a well-executed plan went a long way. And what you’d like to do, is to utilise the maximum available space and keep possessions damage free when you’re packing a unit.  So, I’ve listed some helpful tips here for you, to help you with your packing:


Before you begin to pack, why not make a list of everything that will go into the storage unit. An inventory makes it easy when you need to access your storage unit to remember what is in your unit and where it is packed. If you ever need to make an insurance claim (heaven forbid), your inventory will be incredibly useful, especially when you have photos to accompany the list.


Leaving a fridge or washing machine closed after a few months in storage that is not clean can have some pretty nasty consequences. If you empty all food, waste water etc. out of electrical items and ensure nothing perishable is packed into boxes you won’t have any problems. Also, by using damp-rid silicon packets in boxes it can soak up any excess moisture that may have been brought into your unit from a damp house or from moving in the rain, as can vacuum packing.


By using all available space and preventing damage are really important when packing storage units. To achieve this, whenever possible use good sized boxes to pack all the items. You can even use mattresses or furniture covers to protect large pieces. If you use strong boxes with flat, non-slippery surfaces and that can be stacked high, you will be able to utilise all the available vertical space. Old banana boxes may seem great at the time, but they do tend to cause some unwanted damage.


Leave no space in a box unused! By packing possessions tightly inside your boxes, it prevents breakages and sunken boxes. You can use up any pocket spaces with smaller packing boxes or items like rugs, carpets, cushions etc.


Don’t forget what you have in your boxes and perhaps even itemise everything on the outside. Why not use a different colour permanent marker for each room in the house, so you know which room they belong to when you move them back into a home. Once in the storage unit, have all the labels facing towards the door and/or the aisle if possible, so they can be identified easily.


Sometimes items end up in storage much longer than originally anticipated. So, when moving possessions into a storage unit, if you store them on the aisle or at the front, then you can create an access way to get to them.


Mattresses, fridges and washing machines can cause damage both to you and smaller items if they happen to fall. Why not stacking them against the wall at the back with other heavy items between them and put the lighter small boxes on top.

That’s all for now, I can’t give all my tips away just yet! So, stay tuned for more tips! I’ll keep you informed.

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