The housing market is still in full swing here in Tasman. With multiple new developments underway, new homes are set to be completed – and those lucky enough to be moving in have the fun task before they do so, of moving out.

So let’s talk about making a move – and how using a storage unit during this time can be the best decision you will make

A storage unit can certainly come in handy when it comes to making your move as hassle free as possible. From the moment your current property hits the market, it’s time to start decluttering and styling your home to get the maximum return for your investment. And that can be hard when you’ve accumulated years of family memories under one roof.

Local Real Estate Consultant Callum Gilchrist of Summit Real Estate tells us it is all too common to see homeowners stressing about styling when it comes to prepping their home for sale and so he highly recommends utilising a storage unit.

“When it comes to selling property, you want the buyers to be able to picture their own family there. Your home should be well styled, fresh, tidy, warm and welcoming, with plenty of space for those looking to imagine themselves at home.”

“My top tips would be to be practical when decluttering. Go through each room, particularly if you’ve been in your current home for a few years. Make sure you run a critical eye over what’s taking up space. Place furniture that does not sell the space well into a storage unit, alongside any other bits and pieces that are in the way.”

“You will get the absolute best sales result when you present your home well. Storage units are an important and helpful selling tool.”

While lots of homesellers are using storage units to declutter – they can also be extremely necessary if there is a gap between moving into your new home and selling your existing one. Many people find themselves renting a fully furnished home short-term, so a storage unit can be an inbetween home for your own furniture, ready to move when you are.

My Storage have a variety of storage units available at our location in Richmond, Nelson, for all your moving and household storage needs.

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