What type of businesses use self-storage?

Contractors and tradies
When you invest in tools of the trade it’s super important to keep them safe and secure – doing so can save you a major headache when it comes to theft from your home, garage or van. Keeping your gear in a safe and secure storage unit not only gives you quick access and peace of mind, but can save you big time when it comes to security, insurance – and replacing expensive tools.

Performing arts groups
When it comes to storing all of the bells and whistles that come along with a theatre group – community groups aren’t usually spoiled for choice. Many share spaces here in Nelson Tasman with other organisations – so being able to house your own props and set items in a safe and independent space is really valuable. Apply for funding or sponsorship for this for your community group – your equipment is valuable and expensive to replace should it become damaged due to external parties or storage issues such as mould or water damage.

Online businesses
Storage facilities are perfect for online business owners who would otherwise be housing their goods at home in their own space or garage. Keep it professional and have your inventory safely stored and at your fingertips when you need to access it.

General business
Now more than ever, people are working from home. But what about products, paperwork and the stuff you’d usually have onsite? If your business requires more than a desk at home, but you don’t want to have the burden of keeping those items and paperwork secure then a storage unit is the perfect solution. Keep the bits you need to handy, without cluttering your home office.

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