It is quite common for us to get asked storage tips, so here is a wee list we have put together to help you store your stuff successfully!

  • Don’t store anything that is wet or perishable
  • Metal items need to be clean and dry
  • Whiteware appliances with sealing doors, such as fridges and freezers, should be stored with the door slightly ajar
  • All electrical equipment needs to be dry and thoroughly cleaned
  • Choose the right storage unit
  • Use uniform box sizes
  • Take an inventory of items stored so you can refer back
  • Take everything apart
  • Wrap fragile items in newspaper and make sure to label the box as holding fragile items
  • Pack categorically
  • Stack based on fragility i.e don’t stack your crystal at the bottom of the pile!
  • Store based on accessibility – what might you want to get at in a hurry?

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