Well, how long is a piece of string? Here at My Storage we offer flexible storage options to suit your needs, however longterm or short term they may be.

We are happy to support your storage needs for as long as you need us!

With our many different storage options available, there really is no end date that we have in mind. We totally understand that the best laid plans sometimes do not work out how we might hope – new home builds get delayed,  family members sometimes need a bit longer to agree on items that should go during a clearout – and the changing business needs of many mean you might want to use My Storage that little bit longer to store your tools. So with that in mind, we are flexible!

Whether you are moving out, moving in, looking for a base to keep your work tools, artwork, stamp collection, passion project, My Storage is the perfect solution long term or short term.

Talk to us today and ask us any questions you have about My Storage and storing your stuff with us.

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