Those of you who are familiar with our physical site down at 68 Gladstone Road, Richmond, will know that My Storage has over one hundred storage units. And the team at My Storage recently made the decision to expand, by adding another 80 storage units! But that meant saying goodbye to our existing office building.

The process 

Demo day was exhilarating! I mean, who doesn’t like seeing a building being ripped apart by a giant excavator? It’s truly a bittersweet moment. Sweet, because the team was excited about our new prospects, but bitter because it seemed a shame that a perfectly fine building was going to be smashed up. Originally, we thought the building would be demolished and taken to the dump. But to our surprise, the old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ held well and true.

 Before demolition, we went through the building assessing whether we could salvage parts. And, then we turned to Facebook Marketplace to sell or donate goods. Facebook Marketplace was a real gem! Countless items that we considered ‘rubbish’ were snapped up by locals.

Polystyrene went for fish tanks, old spouting and downpipes went for bach holiday homes. We even had one person who came for a roller door and spent two weeks removing all the corrugated iron cladding, roofing, all timber, and wiring beams – literally deconstructing over half the building!

Lesson Learnt

New storage units

As for our new storage units, well, they’re currently sitting on a wharf in China. Our units were originally set to arrive in mid-August, but with the current shipping delays around the world, we are now expecting them at the end of September.

In the meantime, however, we have plenty of storage containers should you find yourself needing extra space. Get in touch with our team today to discuss a storage solution that works for you.

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