This month we thought we’d take a trip around the My Storage yard because very soon things are about to change!

Our new units have finally landed in Port Nelson, and we even have photos to prove it!

They have been designed and are purpose-built for especially for storage. At My Storage, we’ve received a lot of requests for smaller units, and we’re confident that our new kitset containers will fit many people’s needs. Once constructed, our kitset containers will look very different, and our current barren site will be filled with brand new storage containers just the way we like it.

The arrival of our kitset containers is a huge milestone celebration for us here at My Storage. We have experienced many interminable shipping delays, due to COVID-19 since the middle of last year, so we are all very excited by their safe arrival.

In the meantime, work hasn’t stopped.  The start of the new boundary fence has begun and will be completed after the site is fully asphalted. Construction on our yard has always been our top priority and we are looking forward to embarking on the last stage of work now that our containers are here.  Fingers crossed that the new fence stops the resident ducks (who seem to think they own My Storage operation) from sitting on the drive and viewing our daily routines. They do brighten our day but they will need to find a new home.

Aside from our kitset container units, My Storage also has garage units that provide larger space. These accommodate storage space for 4+ bedroom homes or the odd vehicle. All these units are powered and have their own alarms. Perfect for those who intend to store personal and business belongings in a secure location that’s protected.

Some of our units are secured with an individual alarm. Our clients set their own passcode offering an extra layer of security. Smaller units each have a lockbox for your padlock.

Additionally, we’ve installed new security cameras that monitor the complex 24/7 and point-to-point security beams that are activated at night. At My Storage, we take security seriously. Protecting your possessions is paramount to us, so rest assured that we have the best security measures in place to protect both you and your belongings.

Speaking of your belongings, our storage units are numbered so you’ll never end up at the wrong storage unit (even during the dark winter evenings). Well, that’s not entirely true, as we once had some confusion whereby one client placed her possessions in an unlocked unit thinking it belonged to her sister! The unit was clearly numbered and made for a funny and memorable story.

To avoid this happening to you, be sure to check our onsite map that indicates where you are and where your container is located.

We have never had vermin problems and aim to continue this good run by placing vermin traps around our yard.

My Storage ensures each unit is cleared, cleaned, and tidied before you move in.

To learn more about our yard please feel free to come and visit us at My Storage. We are more than happy to address any questions and will even show you around the yard!!


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Payments can be made by internet banking, direct credit, direct debit, or via our website’s secure payment system. Please follow the link below to pay now.


We are proud to be members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA).

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