Running out of space in your home or office? We’ve got you covered. If you need just that extra little bit of space, and you’re not looking for a large storage unit, My Storage Richmond has the solution for you.

Our new smaller units are perfect for many reasons. Our clients choose small units for a multitude of reasons. Some examples are:

  • Storing children’s bikes, scooters, surfboards, or other equipment.
  • Creating space during renovations.
  • Storing items when flatting or moving overseas – even for a short duration.
  • Decluttering while your property is on the market
  • Business inventory or records.
  • Estate items, while sorting these.
  • Overflow item from an existing rented unit.
  • Storing items temporarily while you settle into Nelson.

The list is endless and you can essentially use your small unit to store almost anything! My Storage has two fantastic sizes to choose from. Pictured below, is our 2.36 x 1.95 unit that features large double doors and easy to use locks – lighter than traditional containers.


Our smallest unit measures 2.36  x 1.46. To put that in perspective, you could compare the floor space to a large double walk-in wardrobe – without the shelves. These units have large single doors.

As we say to all of our clients, it’s best to pop down to our site and have a look for yourself. Over the years, we’ve found that a visual experience gives you an accurate idea of the space and how much you’ll really require. However, we are always available to chat over the phone to discuss your individual requirements.

Interested in taking a look? My Storage has a no-obligation process, so please do feel free to give us a call if you’re interested in viewing our units. Look for the bright yellow sign at 68 Gladstone Road, Richmond. We share our driveway with John Deer.

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