At My Storage, we’re always looking for ways to improve our services. We believe that security is an integral part of what we offer, and we’re proud to have Armourguard on board as an invaluable asset for protecting our clients’ belongings.

Armourguard has been working with My Storage since September 2021, providing security, working through COVID lockdowns and the odd weather bomb! The Armourguard Patrol team (made up of Vrai, Jake, Ben, Mark, and Michelle—as pictured below) rotates on a roster, with two patrols each night to ensure the site and our client’s belongings remain protected after hours.








The team also performs the following services:

  • On-call if security beams break at night
  • Opening and closing the gates
  • Patrol to check no one is locked in the yard before closing in the evening.
  • Easy to contact— Our calls are always answered by a “real person” right here in Nelson. No 0800 number where you have to wait and wait and never know who you are speaking with.

Armourguards professionalism and friendliness make them easy to work with. Every morning, My Storage receives a report from the Armourguard team detailing their patrol and any issues that may have arisen. This is great because it means everything is under control and well-documented. Rest assured that your belongings are under the safe watch of professional and skilled security guards. For any further questions regarding our security measures, please get in touch with the My Storage team today.

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