When you’ve got a vehicle full of items filled to the brim the last stress you need is trying to locate us. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide to help you find us. Before moving day, check out the following guide to ensure you’re not lost on your way to us.

My Storage is located in Richmond Nelson. When heading out of Richmond we are located on the right just before the large roundabout. To locals, this roundabout is known as the ‘Three Brothers Corner.’ The Three Brothers Corner (corner of Bateup Road, Appleby Highway & SH) isn’t actually on the map.

Fun fact: The Three Brothers Corner was named after three blue gum trees planted by Richard and Elizabeth Hyland in memory of three of their children (Henry, Mary Jane, and Helena) who died. The trees became colloquially known as the Three Brothers, hence the ‘Three Brothers’ corner.


If you’re using Google Maps, it’s best to enter our exact location which is 68 Gladstone Road. As you make your way to our driveway you may notice that we share the driveway with John Deere. If you’ve made it this far you’ve essentially arrived! By now you would have been greeted with a loud and proud bright yellow sign! Keep on driving down till you spot the My Storage office.

More signs around the yard will make finding your unit nice and easy. Not to mention our friendly staff who will be available to help you locate and find your way around too. And, if worse comes to worst and you’re still a bit lost feel free to contact us on 035444393.

Open 7 days


April to September

6am – 6pm

October to March

6am – 8.30pm



Contact Us

03 544 4393




68 Gladstone Road

Richmond, Nelson