At My Storage, based at  68 Gladstone Road, Richmond, Nelson, we understand that when you are considering renting a storage unit, you may have a lot of questions.

Will my belongings be securely stored? Will the weather have an effect on my valuables?  Will the unit be clean? These are just a few of the many common questions clients tend to ask. Today, we are addressing all of these questions so you can make an informed decision and feel confident that the storage unit you opt for will be the absolute best.


During the past year, My Storage has made significant investments in security technologies to safeguard the yard and your units. Our yard is constantly under surveillance (24/7 tv), and night beams cover the yard to help deter thieves. If a beam is broken, security is informed. Our site is extremely well-lit and fully fenced. Access to the yard outside office hours (9 am to 2 pm-Monday to Friday)  is limited to clients who each have their own unique passcode to enter.

Watertight units

Whatever you store with My Storage, you’ll want to know that our units can withstand even the most extreme weather. We assure you that our storage facilities are fully watertight.

We find it hard to believe that we have had our 80 “new” storage units for one year (come February). These units feature insulation in both the walls and ceiling, allowing for better temperature control in both summer and winter.










These storage units also feature steel floors with heavy-duty flooring covers. The doors are lighter and easier to use than traditional storage container units, which is always a bonus.

 Nelson Floods

The 2022 August floods in Nelson served as a perfect example of our unit’s incredible resilience. During the floods, neither our yard nor any of our storage containers experienced water intrusion. Given the significant damages in the Richmond/Nelson region, we were happy with this. And so were all our clients, who live both near and far.

All the units are cleaned and checked at the end of each tenancy so they are ready for you to use.

Some comments from our clients are as follows:

“Very nice, dry, and clean storage. Reasonably priced. Helpful owners and easy sign-up process” – Intaaz

“The Service was great, easy access, clean dry storage units, and very helpful staff when needed.” – Debbie

“The premises are clean, tidy, and presented well. The staff are friendly and fabulous to deal with. number 1 for storage in nelson.” – Lisa

“Nice, clean and dry units, no flooding, great service.” – Bry

We’ve had hundreds of customers in our storage units over the years, and we’ve fine-tuned our processes to make storing secure and easy! Feel free to stop by and take a look around our Richmond yard, which is situated 18 kilometers from Nelson. We are always ready to discuss any queries or worries you may have. Get in touch today!


03 544 4393


68 Gladstone Road

Richmond, Nelson


Yard Hours


Open 7 days

April to September
6am – 6pm

October to March
6am – 8.30pm


Office Hours


Monday to Friday
9am – 2pm



Payments can be made by internet banking, direct credit, direct debit, or via our website’s secure payment system. Please follow the link below to pay now.


We are proud to be members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA).

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