A question we are commonly asked is ‘How do I access my storage unit?”.

For those of you who have never used a storage unit, this is understandably an important question.

My Storage has made this an easy and user -friendly process. Our electronic gates are open Monday to Friday during office hours, 9am to 2pm.Outside of those hours, the gates are locked, and you must use your unique pin which is given when you initially complete your contract.

There are no fobs to lose, leave in the other car (we have all done that), deposit to pay or anything to hand back when you vacate. Simply enter your pin number followed by # and the gate will open. It will remain open for 45 seconds which may not sound long  but allows ample time for you to exit.

You can enter the yard during the winter hours of 6am to 6pm, 1st April to 30th September or the summer hours of 6am to 8.30pm 1st October to 31st March. It is important to give your pin number to your removal company if they are going to deliver your possessions to your storage unit after office hours.

Shifting has enough stresses without the added headache of your removal company sitting at the gate, unable to gain entry, with your gear in tow. Exiting is easier. You don’t even need your pin!

Simply stop at the line marked on the drive and pause your vehicle over the yellow disc. This will in turn signal the gate to open and ‘voila’, you can leave.

This is only one of the important security measures we have incorporated in our My Storage yard based in Richmond, Nelson. You want to know that your unit and possessions are secure. Please do feel free to contact us and have a look. We enjoy showing our storage units and to our clients.

My Storage, 68 Gladstone Rd, Richmond, Nelson.




03 544 4393


68 Gladstone Road

Richmond, Nelson


Yard Hours


Open 7 days

April to September
6am – 6pm

October to March
6am – 8.30pm


Office Hours


Monday to Friday
9am – 2pm



Payments can be made by internet banking, direct credit, direct debit, or via our website’s secure payment system. Please follow the link below to pay now.


We are proud to be members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA).

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