SAFETY at My Storage 68 Gladstone Road Richmond.

Welcome to a SAFE 2024.


We thought that a good start to the New Year would be to discuss some aspects of safety that are important to My Storage and most importantly to you.

We are frequently asked “Are my goods secure and safe”

They are very safe!

-24/7 tv.

-Fully fenced.

-Night beams monitored by security.

-TV camera allowing staff to keep an eye on the premises.

– Electronic gate.

Access winter 6am to 6pm and summer 6am to 8.30pm

There is a twofold reason for these hours.

We also want our you to feel safe every time you visit.

Restricting these hours is more attuned to daylight hours and time-line boundaries assure you that people will not be coming and going at all times.

Physical safety is important and so is what goes on in the background when you sign your contract.

You want to know that your commitment to storage and signing your contract is both legal and safe.

My Storage is proud to be a member of the SSAA, Self Storage Association of Australasia.

The SSAA is an organisation that supports storage companies with all legalities, contracts (which My Storage uses), updates on changes in the storage industry, latest technological advances, any online support for queries storage companies may have, contacts to purchase various items eg software  to name a few.

Self-Storage is a multibillion dollar international industry and each facility needs to be managed well to maintain the good name of the industry.

It is reassuring to know that we have the SSAA to assist with maintaining a professional service.


03 544 4393


68 Gladstone Road

Richmond, Nelson

128 Main Road Hope,

Richmond, Nelson


Yard Hours


Open 7 days

April to September
6am – 6pm

October to March
6am – 8.30pm


Office Hours

68 Gladstone Road

Monday to Friday
9am – 2pm



Payments can be made by internet banking, direct credit, direct debit, or via our website’s secure payment system. Please follow the link below to pay now.


We are proud to be members of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA).

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