Unit Sizes

Storage Options: Units are available short or long term with a minimum of one month’s rent.

Stack it, Store it, Reduce your load,

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Storage Options 1.6 Unit Measurement

Average size of one person.

1.2x2.4m Unit

Ideal to declutter or even while you are doing renovations.

Make room for more shopping!

Equivalent in size to a walk-in wardrobe.

Storage Options 2x2.4m Unit

Slightly larger than our smallest unit to allow just that “little bit more” storage

Equivalent in size to a large garden shed (but higher!)

Suitable for small 1 bedroom flat or apartment.

Ideal also for overflow workplace documents or stock.

Storage Options 3x2.4m Unit

Suitable for small 1-2 bedroom home.

Estates, Sports Clubs with seasonal gear.

4x2.4m Unit

Suitable for 2 bedroom home.

Heading off into the sunset in your Motorhome.

Storage Options 6x2.4m Unit

Suitable for 3 bedroom home.

We also have other storage options including larger units available for 4+ bedroom homes.

At My Storage Nelson, there are numerous size options available to you to store your belongings. Whether it is an estate lot you need to sort through in time, or a garage full of tools you aren’t using but can’t part with.

Here are some common items stored at My Storage:

Garage items

Household overflow furniture

Estate household items

Collectors’ items

Paperwork / records for businesses

In between homes – household goods

Vehicle parts


You don’t have to have a lot of stuff in order to make the most of a storage unit at My Storage. All you need to have is ‘stuff’.

Talk to one of our friendly team members about what storage options we have for you.

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